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The selection of Indoor Hemp Light produced in Italy by the best growers in the sector, with the highest real CBD values you will find.
All our outdoor varieties are exclusively of Italian origin, selected and processed by hand to guarantee their quality and purity.
For those who want to try the high CBD contents, here are the best light hashish varieties in circulation selected for you.
We produce Cannabis Sativa Light plants from certified seeds, with a THC content below the legal limit.

Hydroponics and Irrigation

Pet food and zootechnics

Plant Care

Darkroom and Growroom

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Lighting and Timer

Soils and Substrates

Measuring instruments

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By sharing our experiences, we offer a wide range of products to your home, ranging from cultivation to inflorescences.

The Farm

GanjONE was born with the idea of innovating and growing the hemp supply chain in all its facets, helping and directing growers and developing new projects and ideas.
Through our farm we carry out the search for new varieties in collaboration with our Italian and foreign partners, both for the production of inflorescences and for extraction.
Oils and extracts
Within our association we have developed the plants that allow us today to be able to produce different varieties of hash light, CBD in oils or crystals, both isolated and phytocomplex.
Pet food and zootechnics
We have developed some products derived from hemp biomass that respond to a world increasingly aware of the innate properties of our beloved plant. From today our animals will also be able to enjoy a natural and healthy food based on hemp.

Our Mission

GanjONE promotes the values of protection and respect for the environment: it was created with the intention of raising awareness among citizens on issues of social ecology, bringing them closer to the world of cultivation and respect for nature.

Eco-sustainable laboratory

Our crops are dedicated to the least possible use of chemical and synthetic products and to the low impact on the ecosystem. They are followed by our agronomists and kept under control through phytosanitary analyzes throughout the production cycle, in order to guarantee a natural and safe result.
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