Ornamental Genetics

Kerosene Krash


Here is Kerosene Krash. This indica-dominant strain boasts big yields, high THC levels and great aromas. Expect a simple growing process with rich, full flowers “impregnated” with a diesel smell.


Although short in stature, Kerosene Krash flies miles above the rest in terms of ease of cultivation. Expect bountiful yields after a flowering time of around 8 weeks. This is a robust strain that can be grown with great success both indoors and outdoors. Able to give up to 550g / m² indoors and 800g / plant outdoors, when everything is done you will find yourself with a nice supply of Kerosene Krash flowers to consume.

Massive harvests aren’t the only attribute this strain has in store. Once its buds are dried and cured, you will be bombarded with aromas of diesel and herbs, which melt into a pure and smooth taste when you smoke them.